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We are leaders in Outdoor Adventure Travel and Eco-Adventure Tours. We lead Maya Expeditions to Pre-Classic and Classic Maya Ruins exploring the relationship of ancient Maya Dynasties, Architecture and Art. Examining its impact upon the modern Maya culture and everyday life. We explore the ancient religious King/Deity culture of the Maya and view how religious ceremonies past and present are woven into ancient and modern Maya Art, Architecture, Politics, Social Interaction and Folk Lore.

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Maya Expeditions throughout Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras

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Travel & Tourism > Recreational Services > Tours & Guide Services

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Travel Vacations, Outdoor Adventure Travel and Eco-Adventure Guide Services. Guided Maya Expeditions into the vast jungles of ancient Maya and present day villages. Adventure Outdoors Inc will guide you to an appreciation of Ancient Maya Dynasties, Architecture, the Cosmos Religious Political Structure and its direct effects upon Modern Maya existence. Education about the Mayan Calendar and speculation about the date 12/21/2012 with its prediction of a New Cycle and coming of Change.

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Observe and talk with Archaeologist who are excavating the great cities of the ancient Maya Civilization. You will visit with and live among the modern Maya people and will examine their modern ways and reflect upon their ancient traditions. You will come to understand the Maya Civilization rivals any of the other known Great Ancient Civilizations and in many ways could be describe as Greatest Civilization of the Western World partially lost to history due to the ignorance of mankind.


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